Himmah, a social justice organisation based in Radford, have been supporting Muslims who are need throughout the Holy month of Ramadan.

Muslims throughout the world observe the Holy Month every year by fasting from dawn to dusk.

Despite supporting those in need to observe Ramadan, the service says their support will continue after the fasting is complete.

Himmah, which is mostly run by those of Muslim faith, says its services and support are open to everyone, with various programmes such as food distribution.

The food bank at their official site in Radford

They have been supporting victims of social, economical and political justice through various social justice projects such as Food banks and hot meal provisions.

Sajid Mohammed, the co-founder of Himmah, says the organisation has a vision that everyone should have the opportunity to thrive.

“[We want them] to be the best possible version of themselves so for anyone out there, our support stands strong,” he says.

A Day in Ramadan

Activity Description
Suhoor Pre-dawn meal before fasting begins.
Fasting Abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs from dawn to sunset.
Prayers and Reflection Engaging in additional prayers and reflection throughout the day.
Iftar Breaking the fast at sunset with a communal meal.
Taraweeh Prayers Additional prayers performed after Iftar.
Reflection and Charity Further reflection, Quran reading, and acts of charity.


The organisation issues more than 500-700 food parcels every week in Nottingham.

They also offer welfare and benefit advice to those who are in need of it.

Lukarz, has been coming to Himmah for nearly a year.

He came to the UK almost 10 years ago and became homeless a few years ago.

He lives in a social accommodation and he cannot find a job that goes over 20 hours which makes it difficult for him to meet his expenses.


Just like any other charity, their support relies on the people in the immediate community who can donate, volunteer or spread a word about them.

the costs have gone up, you don’t get the same value

– Sajid Mohammed

Sajid Mohammed says the cost of living crisis is not only making it more difficult for people but also organisations like Himmah.

“The costs have gone up, you don’t get the same value these days as it was a few years ago, that is why community support is vital,” he says.

Iqra Janjua, a 16-year-old high school student from Radford, volunteers by packing food parcels.

She describes her experience as one of the most rewarding things you could ever do.

Sajid Mohammed says the organisation is built on the principle of kindness.

Quoting a saying from Bishop Tutu: “When you pull people out of the river, look upstream and see what is pushing them in.”

He says the welfare system needs an overhaul.

“All we need is policy.

“All people in the community and neighbourhood need to get around and make sure that everyone is okay,” he says.

An overview of projects at Himmah

  • Committed to fight poverty since 2010
  • Bridging gaps in educational inequalities
  • Campaigns to combat Racism
  • Food bank and hot meal services

Sajid Mohammed says the cost of living has forced more people into “crisis”.

“In the beginning we were doing about  20-30 food parcel a week and now it is over 200,” he says.

A food parcel

He says people are one major incident away from going into debt whether it is car being broken down or washing machine repair.

The community can contribute to Himmah by donating to the food shop at Unit 2, Forest Court, Gamble Street, Nottingham, NG7 4EX.

You can find out more about the work at their official website.