The EA FC24 super showdown took place at Nottingham Trent University’s Confetti X for the first time, with hundreds in attendance.

The premier football gaming tournament brought together a group of creatives who all shared the same passions for video gaming.

Open to all Nottingham Trent students, the tournament aimed to foster a sense of community and digital sportsmanship.

The day was the first of its kind with NTU’s own gaming and E-Sports society also collaborating with the event.

The tournament involved over 40 participants, with two players at a time battling it out on the latest edition of FIFA.

Shimron speaking about his passion for gaming

For those who wanted to play without the pressure of the competition, there was a massive selection of games to choose from including Fortnite, League of legends and Apex Legends.

Shimron Samuel, Confetti’s school officer said he wanted to utilise the space and facilities that the building provided.

“Every year we’ll be arranging a tournament like this and hope to get everyone involved…when I leave I want to pass on the legacy,” he said.

Confetti has been a part of NTU since 2015 and also has a building located in London. The team from down south also made an appearance to show their support.

Current third year student Paige said: “Its great to be a part of today…just to have the opportunity to have a professional stage and set up to play FIFA was a really great experience.”

“In my three years at NTU we’ve never done something like this”
Paige, President of gaming and esports society

She added: “As far as I can remember I’ve been playing video games, my earliest memories are being on my games console…going from that to competing in E-Sports tournaments is great fun.”

Gin Rai, E-Sports Manager and Higher Education Course Leader said one of the main aims when Confetti X was designed was around creating a student community.

“It was so important that Nottingham Trent students and gaming students all had a space that they can enjoy socialising through the medium of playing video games…ultimately having that place of belonging,” he said.

It won’t be long until the next tournament so keep an eye out and follow @confetti_ict on Instagram for more updates.