A running club in Nottingham was created at the start of the year aiming to encourage more girls to exercise in the outdoors safely.

Liv and Annie set up STRIDE so that girls felt more comfortable when on a run. There are a lot of different aspects that can make girls feel vulnerable however running in a group can help girls to stop feeling like this.

“we want to reach out to all women so we can encourage as many people as we can.”

The club not only makes girls feel less vulnerable it also acts as a fun social to meet new people and make friends, giving girls a sense of community.

Annie explained her reasons behind why she set up the club “Whenever I go out alone I always feel quite self conscious and during my evening runs I don’t always feel entirely safe especially when there isn’t many people around. Before I ran with a group I would run in a gym just to avoid going out alone.”

University of Manchester survey found two thirds of women experience harassment when running.
58% of women have experienced verbal abuse
19% of women have reported being followed
7% of women have reported being flashed at
Only 5% of cases were reported to the police

They started by encouraging their friends to come along and used TikTok to share their running club, hoping to reach girls who could then contact them to join. They have had some girls join so far but they said this is only the start.

“We want girls and women of all ages.” Annie explained. “At the moment we have mostly students 18-23 however we want to reach out to all women so we can encourage as many people as we can.”

Annie Maccrimmon, creator of stride

The club runs on one weekday during the evening and on a Saturday morning to allow those with no time in the week to be able to make it during the weekend. They meet in the city center and it is completely free to join. Liv and Annie are hoping to grow their club using social media platforms and word of mouth. They aim to have a group of fifteen to twenty girls in the next few months and hope STRIDE will help girls to not be afraid when going running.