An 11-year-old girl who dreams of seeing the Nothern Lights has created a visual bucket list of what she’d like to experience before losing her sight.

Lily-Rae Merchant-O’Hanlon was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Startgardt disease in December.

After speaking to doctors they told Lily-Rae that her sight is constantly deteriorating but it is hoped that some of her peripheral vision will remain.

Her mum, Emma Merchant launched a fundraising page in hopes of making her daughter’s “dreams come true”.

The young girl first started losing her eyesight when she was just five years old. Emma mentioned that at first she “put it down to clumsiness” but realised it was much more at school pick-up when her daughter could only recognise her when she was standing directly in front.

Dreams of Lily-Raes consist of seeing Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, riding elephants in Thailand and safaris in Africa.

In the future, the youngster sees herself being “a doctor who helps and makes a surgery where you get the gene that is corrupted out of you and changed with a different gene”

After her diagnosis, Lily-Rae has had to navigate a new way to her life.

“I do braille about four times a week because you need to have a repetitive time where you have to remember certain things”

“people with perfect vision can see from 60 metres, I can see from three metres or less”

Stargardt disease, which affects 1 in 10,000 people is caused by tiny alterations in a single gene, according to the Macular Society.

A target of £2,500 was originally set to fund Lily-Rae’s bucket list adventures but now having touched so many hearts they are just under £10,000. Hollywood movie actress, Kate Winslet reached out to the Merchants after seeing their fundraiser and donated £5,000 – doubling their original target.

With Lily-Rae not letting the future of her sight affect her ambitions her mum, Emma worries still.  “My fear is that she won’t be independent”

“I wanna give her everything I can”
Emma Merchant, Lily-Raes Mum

“To be able to do that whilst she’s got her sight and have those mental memories that if it does become that she is completely blind then she’s still got those memories”

“That to me is the key to her future of having those bits of knowledge in there before she loses her sight”