A campaign group has been set up to oppose the cuts being made by Nottingham City Council.

Ian Bell is one of the organisers of  Save Our Services campaign, he says “Our goal is to get the councillors to actively oppose the cuts and to demand and call for the central government to give proper funding to the Nottingham City Council.”

Ian Bell, Save Our Services organiser

With many movements being organised in recent months Bell went on to add that “The next move is to consistently put pressure on the councillors, and we are dedicated to that. Over the past decade over a billion pounds has been taken away from the city’s budget.”

Labour council leader David Mellen has blamed government cuts to the authority’s central funding for the council’s financial crisis

“It’s a huge cut. We have been warning there’s a problem for many years and now it is coming home to roost.”

David Mellen, the leader of Nottingham City Council pictured at Loxley House in Station Street, Nottingham. Photo: Wednesday 8th May 2019.(Photo by Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

In January 2024 more than 40 Conservative MPs called for extra council funding.

A spokesperson for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities said “We recognise councils are facing challenges and that is why we have announced a £64bn funding package – a real terms increase at an average 6.5%.

Councils are ultimately responsible for their own finances, but we remain ready to talk to any concern about its financial position.”

Audio: Ian Bell urges the people of Nottingham to unite to help reduce the impact of the cuts

When commenting on how people across Nottingham could oppose the cuts Bell said “It’s essential that people from all corners of Nottingham come together whether you’re a student or not to get these cuts opposed because ultimately these cuts are going to affect everyone.”

Inside Nottingham’s Central Library.

Roy Wood a senior customer advisor at Nottingham Central Library worries that there will be an “impact for us all.”

Wood went on further to add that “Any cuts to a public service aren’t positive. What were offering not just  here in the city but to other community libraries in the city is vital to help people educate themselves, connect with others and reach out beyond the city to the wider world.

I think that if we are wanting to have a city full of aspiration the library service is a vital part of achieving that.”

Audio: Roy Wood stresses the importance of libraries in Nottingham

Wood also echoed Save Our Services belief that coming to together and speaking up is vitally important. Wood stated “I believe in demonstration and making your voice heard so write to your local councillors and MPs and voice that opinion.

It’s only through speaking out about any form of injustice that a magnifying glass is cast upon it. “

Nottingham City Council bankruptcy:

In November 2023 Nottingham City Council issued a section 114 notice temporarily halting most new spending, effectively declaring itself bankrupt.

A report said the Labour-run council was set for a £23m overspend in the 2023-24 financial year.

The authority has faced numerous financial issues in recent years such as its failed Robin Hood energy scheme.