There are concerns that the potential closure of Nottingham’s Central Library could mean more than just people losing access to books.

Courtney Wareham is a 20-year-old psychology student from Nottingham Trent University, who says the library has become a safe haven for her.

Courtney attends the library almost every day, preferring the central library over the university’s Boots Library, due to how busy it can get.

‘Being a student on the city campus, it is always so busy. I find it so much more peaceful in this library’

With Nottingham City Council facing major financial trouble, they are looking to plug a £50 million gap in the budget, and there are fears that library services could be cut.

Last November the Labour-run council issued itself with a section 114 notice, meaning all spending on services, apart from those that protect vulnerable people, will be suspended.

Ross is a senior customer advisor at the library and he thinks the library is a vital part of Nottingham and that many different types of people rely on the services.

The library offers support and resources for all, and it doesn’t just stop at books, there is lots of digital help as well.

There are also science fun days, fashion networking events and many more activities for people of all interests to take part in.

Service users who were using the library today say it offers people the chance to socialise.

The council will meet in the coming weeks to decide what cuts will be made to the city services.