Salaam Shalom Kitchen is the only joint Muslim/Jewish project in the UK founded on the belief of working together across communities and breaking barriers. Located in The Bridge Centre on Gregory Boulevard Hyson Green, Nottingham.

Every Wednesday between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm the doors open welcoming visitors. Volunteers providing hot meals, sweet treats and groceries to those in need regardless of their background, race and religion. They reach out to individuals who may be homeless, low income or refugees.

Talia and Simon ( volunteers)

“A record-breaking, 105 people …. Although a sad component comes with it.

Mumtaz Baig, Steering Group member

Some who attend experience food poverty , others face loneliness ,  mental health issues or substance abuse. 

A steering member Mumtaz Baig explains: ” Founding members felt the need to put this kitchen together for the community. It’s been running for 8 years and the numbers first started at around 50 to 60 people some weeks having less some having more. But today has been record-breaking and we have had 105 people coming through our door today.”

Bessi (volunteer)

At the start of the year during #InterFaithWeek they helped at Emmanuel House in Nottingham. Inter Faith Week celebrates connections and understanding between religious and faith groups, focusing on shared learning and collaboration to help the local communities.

Nottingham Firewoman volunteer

More than 20 volunteers help to create a safe space. Nottingham fire and rescue service have firefighters taking time to be part of the kitchen.  The kitchen also, organise cultural events which bring people together of different faiths and backgrounds, to celebrate diversity, understanding and acceptance. 


Talia Scott, Kitchen and Volunteer coordinator

Talia Scott, Kitchen chef and Mary volunteer at Salaam Shalom Kitchen speaking about their connections and friendships over the eight years of working at Salaam Shalom Kitchen.

Supermarkets like Aldi, Lidl, and Sainsbury’s provide surplus of food to ensure there is no food going to waste. There is support from Nottingham Liberal Synagogue, Nottingham Trent University and many others. Along with other organisations and local restaurants who donate or provide hot-cooked meals and food.

Awards & Recognition

  • Started with a grant from ‘ Near Neighbours’ in 2015
  • Awarded grant in 2017 from ‘National Lottery Awards for All’
  • In 2017 recognition nationally and awarded ‘The Mitzvah Day: 365 Award’ a Jewish charity which supports organisations to undertake social action. For the community or organisation that impresses with social action and or building relationships all year round.
  • Oakham Boys ride for Salaam Shalom Kitchen, raising £2,535 with pupils and parents who came together for the kitchen.

Source: Facebook