(Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust)

Give a bird a home this National Nest Box Week. This national campaign runs from the 14th February every year and encourages everyone to put up nest boxes in their area to increase bird populations in the UK.


(House sparrow)

Many of the UK’s breeding birds have suffered due to habitat loss, changes in land use, and other factors, as a result. House Sparrow are birds that are extremely adaptable as they have the ability to make the most of humanity’s rubbish and waste.



(Common starling)

Common Starlings are noisy and social birds who spend most of the year in flocks and are fantastic mimics. These birds have been placed on the Red List. Gardens and public green areas are therefore more important than ever for the decreasing bird population.


A family of Peregrine falcons has been returning to Nottingham Trent University’s Newton Building, on a high ledge, for more than 20 years. NTU placed a falcon cam to capture their activities live in collaboration with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.


Dr Esther Kettle, a senior lecturer in ecology and conservation in the school of Animal, Rural and Environment sciences at the university, has been watching the birds.

“THE Nest box at NTU is extremely SUCCESSFUL for the falcons.”


According to her, the tall Newton building at NTU provides an excellent view of the city, which is why the falcons have chosen to nest there.

Newton building at Nottingham Trent University that attracts falcons


“Peregrine falcons normally nest on tall cliff faces. So NTU’s Newton building mimics that of tall buildings in the city. The gravel in the box also protects the eggs from rolling away which is essential for the birds”, she says making “the nest box at NTU extremely successful for the falcons”.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has an ultimate guide to nest boxes page which provides information and advice on building, buying and bird behaviour for nest boxes.

Nest boxes should:

  • Be waterproof
  • Be safe
  • Have good insulation

Nest boxes shouldn’t:

  • Be made from flimsy material
  • Be too smooth on the inside
  • Have gaps

           Source: British Trust for Ornithology

Taking part in nest box week is simple you just have to put up a birds nest box in your garden or area. Find out where to put up a nest box and which kind on the website of  Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust