A new family room providing respite for parents and carers of critically ill children has been opened at Nottingham’s Children’s hospital.

The comforting room located to the side of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) welcomes parents and carers into a homely space with relaxing seating, kitchen facilities and calming artwork.

This allows clinicians to step away from the ward and have conversations with parents and carers away from their child’s bedside. It also provides an area for families going through similar experiences to meet up and support each other.

The refurbished room was funded by the True Colours ‘Breathing Rooms’ scheme and Nottingham Hospitals charity.

It was officially opened on Tuesday 30th January by representatives from both charities along with PICU staff and families who will be able to use the room.

Sophie Wilne, Clinical Director of Nottingham Children’s Hospital, said, “This family room will make such a difference to families whose children are being cared for in PICU.

“This can be an incredibly stressful time for parents and carers, and this room offers them some respite from the busy hospital environment. They can come and make a hot drink, sit on a comfortable sofa, and have some sense of normality for a short while before returning to their child’s bedside, hopefully feeling a little more rested and refreshed.

“Thank you to the True Colours Trust and Nottingham Hospitals Charity for making this possible.”

Lucy Sainsbury, Chair of the True Colours Trust, said, “We are delighted that the team at Nottingham Children’s Hospital shares our vision for providing dedicated rooms for parents.

“This wonderful new room demonstrates that it is possible to create comfortable, welcoming spaces in hospitals for parents to take time to rest, eat together or just have some breathing space away from the bedside of their child.”