Laura Hampton jumping out of a plane by Pete Harris

Laura Hampton, from Bingham, is a professional skydiver at Skydive Langar, and has broken big records in the sport but says climbing a ladder terrifies her.

Laura instantly fell in love with skydiving when she got an opportunity to jump out of a plane to raise money for a charity, while still studying at university.

After graduating with a degree in social psychology from Loughborough University she took up a career in PR.

But this wasn’t giving her the thrill she needed so at the age of 21 she ditched the 9-5 job and took to the skies, and she has never looked back.

Laura has been jumping out of planes for 16 years now and she has recently turned her passion into a full time job.

Since that first jump she has completed nearly 5000 jumps in the UK and abroad, making her a world record holder.

Laura achieved that record as part of an invite-only team of 108 skydivers who landed the total break sequential formation skydive record.

She says that despite all the record she is actually scared of heights.

“It may be surprising to believe that I’m quite afraid of heights but I decided to come out of my comfort zone and take the plunge,” she said.

Laura in pink gloves forming different shapes in sky with other skydivers by Pete Harris

“I cannot imagine a day i do not want to do it anymore”


Laura says jumping out of the plane is the best feeling in the world, it is exhilarating and you can never get enough of it.

“Every part of my spare time and every day of my holidays are dedicated to skydiving too,” she said.

Laura giving signals to students by Chris Cook

Since the pandemic Laura has become even more invested in the sport, realising she had  saved enough of money to take the financial hit and and work at Skydive Langar as a full-time skydiving instructor.

Laura’s skydiving records include:

  • A world record of three separate formations by 108 people mid air in Arizona, United States.
  • A British National Skydiving Championship with her team Chimera, a group of four forming different shapes in sky.

Laura credits her family for keeping her in the air.

“I cannot thank my family enough for their continuous support to let me follow my dream, I was quite apprehensive initially because I have never done anything related to it.

“Everyday I get up in the morning, provided it’s sunny, I jump out of the plane and its the best thing in the world.

“I cannot imagine my life without skydiving and its the decision that I will never regret in my life,” she said.