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A recent poll, commissioned by the Daily Mail, revealed that more than half of British people surveyed still planned to go on holiday this winter.

It could have been expected that holidays, often considered a luxury expense, would be the first thing to go when money gets tight but the survey showed that 44 percent of those asked were not planning to go away over the next three months.

This is less than half of those questioned, suggesting the rest still plan to book a holiday.

That idea is something that is supported by those working in the travel industry.

Mark Frost, a Northampton based Travel Agent with 40 years experience in the industry, says he is busy with bookings and for many consumers, press speculation is impactful. 

“People take the news as gospel, beleiving if they are telling e times are bad, then times must be bad”.

Mark suggests that in terms of spending travel and holidays are still the number one over houses, renovations on properties, over spending money on vehicles and cars.

“Holidays are still very much the number one to spend that disposable income on,” he says.

He adds that his company has been trading for 51 years and that the past 12-18 months have been the best for business in all those years. 

Mark says airlines are selling out bookings with some placing big orders for new aircraft for their fleets.

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Sharon Bennett has an online travel agency based in Hertfordshire and says its often cheaper to travel overseas than stay in a good hotel in the UK and believes that Brits will always find a way to holiday. 

Talking to the general public, Lynn out shopping in Nottingham’s Victoria Centre, says rising costs won’t stop her holidaying abroad

“One thing I have to make sure I budget for is getting away”.

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Travel economy

ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agents) sent a team recently to meet with MPs and parliamentary candidates to share their data, which they say shows that the UK outbound travel industry contributes £49bn to the UK economy, supporting 840,000 jobs.

The data forecasts industry growth of 15% by 2027, when compared with 2019, outstripping forecasts of 10.3% growth for the overall UK economy over the same period.

Luke Petherbridge, Director of Public Affairs at ABTA, said: “Travel is a major contributor to the UK – and there is a big policy agenda that we’re engaging with.”

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