Emily Jenkins founder of MoveDanceFeel

The latest event from MoveDanceFeel is “Dance in Cancer Care”, a chance for those wanting to explore and understand the role dance plays in promoting wellbeing and resilience among women affected by cancer.

The forum will provide a platform for discussions led by founder Emily Jenkins who share their stories and insights as well as how dance can be used as a form of therapy and how it helps improve mental health. Attendees will engage in the presentation and interactive session as well as having a time to ask questions, which highlights the benefits of movement, specifically to aid women during and after cancer treatments.

“There’s a recognised need for further support post treatment”

Emily Jenkins, Founder of MoveDancefeel

Attendees can hear stories from survivors, which witnesses to the impact that dance had on their emotional and physical recovery journey. These personal stories serve as a testimony to the healing potential found with dance and a renewed sense of joy in the body.

Audio: Emma Crown explaining life with cancer for her dad

The forum doesn’t just highlight the individual benefits of dance but also emphasises its ability to create a sense of community. It also serves as a celebration of resilience, and acknowledgement of the strength of women facing the challenges of cancer.

MoveDanceFeel class in session

Moreover, the event acts as a catalyst for raising awareness to the resources, advice and support networks available to women trying to navigate a life during and after cancer treatments.

96% reported that dancing helps to improve their mood.

88% agree that Move Dance feel enables them to better manage their health.

63% reported an increase in body appreciation.

46% showed a clinically meaningful improvement in levels of fatigue.

89% agree that dancing helps them to feel more connected to others.

86% reported an extremely positive change in feelings of stress and anxiety.

The message of the event is clear, though it may be lonely, and others won’t quite understand how you are feeling, this creative community unites women affected by cancer through dance. Additionally, this activity helps attendees reclaim their bodies and rediscover themselves, whether they are at the sessions or in the comfort of their own home.