A Nottingham charity is fighting food waste while providing support for struggling families.

Himmah’s social supermarket is designed to support different members of society such as students, families, the homeless and those on low income to save money on the food shop whilst giving back to the community.

As the cost of living rises, this is a service anyone can access necessities for their kitchen cupboards that will be discounted to a third of the price of retail stores.

“People think that we’re just a food bank but we are a lot more than that.”

Uzair Hashmi, Operations and Volunteering lead at Himmah

Inside the social supermarket in Himmah

Over a third of food produced goes to landfill and in the UK, that’s 10 million tonnes of food a year.

Himmah believes in a modern society that has high levels of poverty, food waste should not exist so the social supermarket is an excellent effort to reduce the amount of food going to landfill.

Situated on Gamble Street in Radford, the social supermarket sells food that is donated from local businesses/hospitality that are close to the sell-by dates but otherwise in perfect condition.

The profits of the supermarket go back into their food bank to purchase the food for the food parcels.

This food bank in particular uses a proactive initiative for fundraising as the food bank reaches its busiest time of year and donations are not enough to keep up with the demand, leading to Himmah spending a whopping £18,000 a month on inventory.

Himmah’s food parcels packed by volunteers and ready to be sent out.

Audio: Uzair Hashmi talks about the recent rise in statistics of food parcels they are handing out to the community from referrals over the autumn/winter.

Himmah is proud of the it does for the local community and how it’s managing to meet the growing number of the referrals it receives each month.


It goes beyond supplying groceries; the Himmah social supermarket extends its assistance with additional support services, offering guidance on budgeting, cooking, and nutrition.

The organisation hosts workshops and events aimed at empowering members and fostering a sense of community.

Operations and volunteer lead, Uzair spoke proudly about the organisation. He said, “People think that we’re just a food bank but we are a lot more than that.”

Inside the Social Supermarket on Gamble Street.

The social supermarket is open 10am – 4pm Monday to Thursday. There is no need for an appointment, members of the public can just walk in and talk to the team.

Volunteer, Ishita Jain described her experience as “Great being part of it! After all living is about giving and nothing feels better than giving back.”

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Click here to visit Himmah’s website

If you are in aid this winter and Himmah can help, visit their website linked above to find out how to get a referral for food parcels and a guide to other social services.

Himmah is always taking on volunteers throughout the organisation.