Can Samba parading through Sneinton Market

Thousands of people attending an annual event to showcase the arts, local musicians and creatives has taken place across 40 venues in Nottingham, filling the streets with vibrant colours, fun and music.

Money raised by the festival has gone to support six charities including Base 51, a young people’s charity that offers counselling and trauma support, and Emmanuel House, a  refuge for the homeless and vulnerable.

This year’s Hockley Hustle included Brazilian-inspired drumming group Can Samba who performed across the city on Sunday the 22nd of October 2023.

The group start drumming at three o clock, with a static set, then made their way from Sneinton Market to Hockley. They finished their afternoon set on the steps of the Broadway cinema in front of a full and energetic crowd.

The group then performed again, in the evening, with a different set of songs and beats starting outside the Angel Pub and then making their way back to Broadway for their again showstopper finale.

“Anyone can be involved in this band”

Ceri howells, can samba’s musical director

Musical Director and drummer and percussionist, Ceri Howells, said, “Anyone can join Can Samba. One of the beautiful things about the music that we do, is that if you’re a proper drummer I can give you really interesting parts to play.”

The group, which uses percussion instruments, is also open to drummers with little to no experience or anyone wanting to volunteer for various roles including costume making.

Ceri added that celebrating this drumming style in the community is important as ‘it’s brilliant fun, involves loads and loads of people and is really inclusive’.

  • Samba is South American music style, originating in Brazil, which was transported through to Africa. Every member of the ensemble has a specific role as the music often involves the layering of different rhythms over each other.
  • Samba has many similarities to African drumming music such as polyrhythms and the use of call and response.
  • Most samba drums are made of very light material so that it can be carried as the samba parade through the streets for hours on end.
  • Samba is the music that has a strong association to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The Carnival has been held every year since 1723 and lasts up to six days with over two million people lining the streets to watch.

Hockley Hustle will return again next year with a date set for the 20th of October.