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A proposed rise in the cost of school meals in Nottinghamshire has been put on hold after a backlash from the public.

The 40 pence increase, which would have affected 476 schools, was due to come in this month (October).

It has now been reconsidered by Nottinghamshire County Council as they look to help families struggling with the rise in the cost-of-living.

It is estimated that school dinners will cost parents an average of £440 per child, per year.

The council said the planned price hike was a response to increasing energy and staff costs.

Councillor Francis Purdue Horan, who campaigned against the move, said the increase would have been “cruel and callous”.

Independent Councillor Francis Purdue-Horan

Horan, an Independent, said he welcomes the fact that this “shameless” decision by the Tories has been paused.

“Planning to increase the cost of school dinners by 15 per cent in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis shows how out of touch the Tories are,” he said.

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The Conservative party had planned to raise the price of a council-supplied meal from £2.55 to £2.95 from 16 October.

“I don’t  want to send my daughter to school”


It was planned for individual schools to decide whether they would pass the increase on to parents or pay for it out of their own school budget.

Parents across Nottinghamshire said they are “terrified” about the increase and hope that the pause will result in a complete scrap of the plans.

Primary school meal menus | Nottinghamshire County Council

Single mum, Maisie Hill, has a baby daughter who is about to start nursery.

“I don’t want to send my daughter to school and tell her I cant afford the meals there,” she said.

Maisie Hill, single mother from Sherwood

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The council has not yet set a date for the decision to be reviewed but said further discussions will take place over the following weeks.