Pick your own pumpkin – a farm in Southwell in Nottinghamshire has everything you will need to get ready for the spooky festival on 31st October.

The tradition of celebrating Halloween is old, however in the past years farmers created a new activity for people – collecting pumpkins from the farm.

“People should come to the farm because it’s a fantastic way of embracing nature”

Lucas Vickers,  ‘Pick your own pumpkin’

People are going to gather new experience, collect not only different types of pumpkins, squashes and gourds, but sweetcorn and potatoes. One of the visitors say that it is better than buying vegetables from the shop:

Annie, Visitor

Lucas Vickers, the farmer from the ‘Pick your own pumpkins’ emphases the importance of the reconnection with nature: “People should come to the farm because it’s a fantastic way of embracing nature and it presents a great opportunity for families to spend a day on the nature all together”.

He believes that in modern society people stopped enjoying the nature and started to spend more time inside using phones.

Lucas Vickers, ‘Pick your own pumpkin’

The man also explains that by buying from the farm people support local farmers with small businesses:

Lucas Vickers, ‘Pick your own pumpkin’

A lot of the visitors come here to enjoy the atmosphere, take aesthetic pictures and choose the perfect pumpkin from the huge selection of shapes and colours.


  • Prices for pumpkins start from 3 pounds up to 9 pounds for the huge one. Sweetcorn is 1 pound each.
  • The entry to the farm is free, as is the parking. Opening hours are from 9:30 until  17:00 every day up to the 31st of October.
  • There is also a coffee shop and fast food van, so all guests, including the smallest ones, will be feed.

‘Pick your own pumpkin’ is a great opportunity for those who would like to spend last warm and sunny days on the nature with friends, family and beloved ones.