Gyms in Nottingham are set to bring in schemes and prevention orders to reduce and prevent men making women feel uncomfortable.

More than 30% of 400 people surveyed said they do not feel safe and secure when working out and some of these women never returned.

Another survey showed that 25% of women said that they had lived through ”an uncomfortable situation/altercation” whilst being in the gym.

A scheme called “challenge this behaviour” has been developed by a project manager for the Newark and Sherwood Safer streets Ms Eleanor Smalley, and her intentions and personal reasoning behind making this scheme is based on her previous altercations and experiences.

She explains about how she had an experience once before and it “opened her eyes massively”.

More and more women in Nottingham say they are feeling the need to go through the stress and financial effort of having to set up a home gym.

Over 40% of local Nottinghamshire women in a 100 person survey said that they have brought personal home gym equipment to avoid having to go into the gym and avoid potential situations that could arise.

Medical experts have said that going to the gym has benefits such as physical appearance, mental health, reduction of illness and diseases such as obesity and many more benefits that cannot be replicated other than exercising.

Regular gym user Andy Littlefair said: ”I have had to recently fork out over £10,000 in order for my girlfriend’s mental and physical health to not take a detrimental decrease, as she is too anxious to go to the gym.

”If only there were deterrents in place to stop men making poor women feel like this!

”I think that men get away with far too much in this day and age and I don’t think any women should be treated like an object, like they sometimes are.

The most concerning thing is that, when I have known men to be caught getting up in altercations and suspicious things in the gym, the staff and local authorities really have not taken the situation adequately or seriously enough”

Audio: Rosie Davies expresses her thoughts about men’s behaviour in the gym