Radford FC’s ground has been lit by the same floodlights for around 30 years, and they are in desperate need of repairs. National Non-League Day (Saturday 25 March) ensured these repairs can happen by providing a platform to get more donations to fix the lights, and keep the club alive.

The floodlights standing tall over Selhurst Street were installed in the early ’90s and have been a constant ever since, but the club confirmed earlier in 2023 that while the stanchions are able to go strong into next year, the same cannot be said for the bulbs.

With floodlight bulbs being so specialist, the new ones will not come cheap, and to update all the bulbs in all six stanchions the club are looking at a cost of at least £30,000.

One of Radford FC’s six floodlight stanchions

While this would barely make a dent down the road at Forrest, this price is well outside Radford’s budget.

Fortunately the club have been able to secure funding from the FA and Sport England, on the condition they can raise £5,000 themselves which has been being raised by setting up a page on Crowdfunder, having a donation box at games and players donating out of their wages.

Radford can access “pull-down” funding from the FA to pay for the bulbs if they raise 30% of the cost (£10,000)

The club have also secured “match funding”, meaning whatever the club raise Sport England will match

By securing these grants it means the club only need to crowd fund £5,000

Source: Radford FC

James Doe grew up a massive football fan, and following a 400 mile round trip in 2010 to watch a friendly in south Devon, fell in love with grassroots, non-league football.

This left James wanting to share his new love with the rest of England and he created National Non-League Day, an annual occurrence during the March international break, to encourage fans of the top clubs to go and pack out their local team’s ground.

While this originally began as a small scale experiment, it has grown and is now a massive part of the football calendar at all levels, with the Premier League backing the initiative.

With Non-League Day rolling into Radford FC the club took full advantage of the boosted attendance and tapped up everyone at the game to donate, and were able to raise the money needed to fix the lights, and keep the club going.

However, it was not just a day of fundraising for the club, it was also the chance for the team nestled away in Hyson Green to show what they can do, and the fans that packed out Selhurst Street were not disappointed, being treated to an entertaining game with a lot on the line for the hosts.

“We looked the better side, but it was one of them scrappy games”

Sacha Markelic – Radford FC

Radford FC, who are just one point outside the playoff spots, hosted mid-table Rainworth Miners Welfare in a game that for 65 minutes looked destined to end 0-0.

But a goalmouth scramble saw the ball eventually hit the back of the net when Radford’s winger Sacha Markelic connected with the ball and gave the hosts a 1-0 lead, which they hung on to.

Speaking after the game Sacha said: “We looked the better side, but it was one of them scrappy games.” He also explained the team need to be patient as they look to make a charge on promotion via the playoffs.

VIDEO: Sacha Markelic speaks following his winning goal for Radford FC