Nottingham Trent University has set up a book exchange inside a disused phone box and so far it’s been a massive hit.

The phone box which sits outside the Bonington building on the university’s city campus is available for all members of the public, staff and students.

“its been more popular than we thought!”

– anne adams

The exchange was created by the culture team at the university, on the back of a book swap which ran last year (2022) during Sustainability Week.

Before the book exchange the phone box was filled with a poem exhibition – Dial a Poem –  where users could dial a number and listen to a poem being read. But, when this ended the phone box was left empty.

Anne Adams, a culture officer at NTU, headed the project and took inspiration from other phone boxes across the country which have been given a new lease of life such as through the fitting of defibrillators, art displays or other little libraries.

Anne said,”It’s been more popular than we thought! It gained some attention on social media especially when it was re-shared by the university,

“I was originally quite concerned about it being damaged or vandalised after the lock was broken on a previous incident but so far it has been respected and treated well!”

The exchange is hoping to be a long running success and is available 24/7.

If you’re wanting a new read or if you have books to donate, head over to the box and drop them off or take one in return.