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Nearly 400 pubs in England and Wales closed last year and Nottingham’s pubs didn’t escape unscathed.

The Crafty Crow, in Friar Lane, and the atmospheric Hand and Heart, in Derby Road, were two of twelve that closed in the city in 2022.

For Nottingham residents the closures reflect changing social habits following the pandemic.

Video: Nottingham residents share how often they go to the pub. 

Pubs are facing a “perfect storm” of challenges this year as cash-strapped customers cut spending and the government reduces it’s energy bills support– forcing many hospitality businesses to reduce their capacity by 20% to match supply and demand.

The industry has faced many hurdles over the previous few years with soaring energy bills, staffing shortages, the impact of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic and food inflation all resulting in fragile customer confidence.

According to membership trading association, UKHospitality, Covid-19 cost the hospitality sector more than £80.8bn of sales in just 12 months of the pandemic, and this is only a fraction of challenges they have faced over the last coupe of years.

Statista, an online platform that specialise in market and consumer data, published data which showed that 24% of Brits don’t go to the pub anymore, and only 20% said they go a “fair bit.”
Infographic: Do Brits miss going to the pub? | Statista

the pub is often the heart of the community


The Nottingham Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale, (CAMRA), acts as a voice of the local area’s pub-going, beer and cider-drinking public. They liaise on their behalf with local and national politicians, and other interested parties.

Audio: Andrew Ludlow, secretary for the Nottingham CAMRA, speaks on what CAMRA do, and the impacts pub closures will have on local communities. 

If you work in the hospitality sector, and are in need of some helpful links/numbers for advice, then listed below are a few which maybe helpful:

  • UNISON Centre- The Public Service Union : 0800 0 857 857
  • Nottingham Foundation Trust Mental Health Helpline – Nottingham City: 0300 300 0065. South Nottinghamshire (Broxtowe, Gedling, Rushcliffe, Hucknall area): 0300 123 2901.
  • Unite in hospitality