Nottingham boxer Leigh Wood has the chance to prove he truly is the best featherweight fighter in the world when he takes on fierce competitor Mauricio ‘El Bronco’ Lara on Saturday (Feb 18, 2023).

Mauricio, El Bronco, from Mexico, is known as the ‘terrifying bogeyman’ of the 126lb division of the WBA World Featherweight Championship.

Wood is facing his second bout in a row in his hometown of Nottingham, with his last outing being the Fight of the year and also Knockout of the year contender with the Irish Michael Conlan.

He knocked out Conlan in the twelfth and final round of the back-and-forth slugfest, sending his opponent threw the ropes for a historic, heroic comeback victory. The last time Mauricio Lara fought on UK soil was his knockout of Josh Warrington in 2021.

Wood knows he is in for a tough fight, and thinks his fans will be needed if he is to claim victory:

Media conference, David Diamante and Leigh wood

The fight is taking place this Saturday, February 18th, with the cards at the Motorpoint Arena getting underway at 6pm, with the main event expected at 10:30pm.

Leigh Edwards hasn’t been in the ring for almost a year after a torn bicep meant that the original date for the fight had to be pushed back, Eddie Hearn thinks Lara may be more prepared than Wood:

“Its going to be a great Fight”

David Diamante

In and exclusive interview with award-winning ring announcer David Diamante (the announcer in the first video), said “hands down the winner of this fight, will be the fans”:

Both Lara and Wood looked sharp during their open sparring session on Wednesday

Lara and Wood both had open training sessions to show the fans what they are made of before the fight. Two of his fans John Davis and Dylan Evans have full faith and support:

The tensions are high just one day before the featherweight title match as fans gather for one last time before punches as thrown. Lara’s team were not happy with his weigh-in. What was said is undisclosed, but it is clear in the footage below that something was wrong, this was then followed by a small tussle between Lara and Wood: