In recent years, the Anime industry has risen in popularity across the country, with Nottingham being home to the biggest Comic Convention event in East Midlands, Em-Con. 

Anime culture has made its mark in Nottingham which overflows with manga book stores, board game cafes and multiple collectible shops in the city centre.

Thanks to the rise of online streaming services like Netflix and Prime, it has made Anime shows more mainstream and accessible for the growing British audience.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we become an epicenter for larger events going forward.”

– MichaeL brown, president of nottingham anime and manga society

An anime-themed comic store with merchandise, character figures & toys at Friar Lane.
Forbidden Planet is a popular chain located across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States.

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Unsurprisingly, many close-knit communities of like-minded fans have popped up and the Nottingham Anime and Manga Society (NAMSOC) is one of them.

The society meets at Dunkirk Community Centre every Tuesday at 7pm where they come together to socialise and watch anime shows.

Speaking to CBJ News, the society’s President, Michael Brown said:

“The community here has grown rather sharply over the past few years or so. Nottingham has played host to a couple of conventions relating to Anime/Manga but also Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, in the forms of Em-Con which was the Midland’s biggest comic conventions, and Kokoro-con,

“These cons have been hugely popular and have helped to establish a bigger fanbase than I remember when growing up,” he added.

“It is in the local independent shops that you get a lot of anime fans gathering together on a social basis, whereas our society is seen as a meeting place for those who are hardcore into it,

“It is forever growing and with the popularity of anime and manga expanding from such a niche market, I wouldn’t be surprised if we become an epicentre for larger events going forward,” he commented.

“There is a lot of passion for so many people here and it is wonderful to see so many people embracing it.”

Michael Brown’s collection of manga and anime characters.

Originating from Japan, Anime is a computer-generated and hand-drawn animation that integrates individualistic techniques, vibrant graphic art and cinematography together.

It garnered massive success in the early 2000s with shows that many may have heard before like Pokémon (1997), Naruto (2002) and Your Name (2016) which made waves in the national media like The BBC and The Guardian.

Many anime characters also originate from video games which can be played on consoles, computer, PlayStation and even mobiles.

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Located at Trinity Walk, Another Universe is a fan favourite for collectibles, manga and Pokémon cards.
Fans can enjoy affordable Pokémon cards at the store.

Em-Con will be welcoming fans again this year to immerse themselves in the celebration of all things anime, K/J-pop, cosplay, gaming and more.

Tarpan Rai, 20, an avid fan from Aldershot, says he will be travelling to Nottingham to attend the event.

Nottingham fans can look forward to the East Midland’s biggest convention event on 10th and 11th June 2023.