Studio 39, Nottingham

A Nottinghamshire beautician was forced to work from home after the salon she was working at closed.

Chloe Allford,19, is a lash technician from Nottingham who owns a lash business called @lashesbychloea.

“if the pandemic didn’t happen the salon would still be running”

chloe allford, lash technician

She used to rent space at Studio 39, a hair and beauty salon in West Bridgford but due to the Covid pandemic, the salon was forced to shut.

“About five months ago I was told the salon was shutting as they weren’t getting enough money. If the pandemic didn’t happen the salon would still be running.

“Because of contamination they only wanted one person in the salon at a time which meant they weren’t getting enough money.”

Like Studio 39, many beauty salons only let one client in at a time due to social distancing measures. This meant businesses were not making enough money to survive.

AUDIO: Chloe Allford talks about the mental strain the pandemic has had on small business owners

Many small business owners are apprehensive about expanding due to the anxieties Covid has brought. Chloe is currently looking to rent her own salon.

Chloe Allford, lash technician, Nottingham

“When I’ve been trying to get my own salon, it’s been very much on the what ifs. What if we go into another lockdown again, what if I can’t work, how am I going to be able to run the salon and pay for it when I haven’t got the clientele there?

“I’ve had to put my prices up to just to cover the cost. I don’t want to put my prices up so high that clients can’t afford it any more, but I’ve had to due to the cost of living.”

@lashesbychloe price list

The cost of living crisis has put a strain on small businesses. The increasing cost of products has resulted in the rise in prices.

“With the cost of living crisis, I’m worried that clients won’t be able to afford getting their lashes.

“With everyone having more to pay for, it makes you a lot more nervous that it could happen again that everything will shut down and somehow everyone has to fabricate more money.


“The cost of products has gone up. Sourcing the products is more expensive whether that’s me driving to get them using petrol; or that’s them getting delivered to me and I have to pay more on delivery. Being able to get hold of certain stock is more difficult because less are being made.”

  • A quarter of UK businesses have closed due to Covid
  • According to the government’s consumer price index in 2023, rent has gone up by 8.4%
  • The Institute for Energy Security (IES) is predicting a jump of between 7% and 13% in the prices of petrol and diesel in 2023