Chinese New Year has become a global festival, and that included celebrations in Nottingham.

In 2023, this spanned from January 22 to February 5, and it saw vibrant events take place across the world.

However, in Nottingham, these events were minimal, and when they did occur, they were built towards an audience who is not Chinese.

The celebrations in Nottingham were brief and spread across the city, with Visit Nottingham listing places you could attend to celebrate the event.

However, most of these events were classified as workshops, where people could try fan painting, brush painting, lantern making and 3D pop-up card making.

They also mentioned how Nottinghamshire Archives were organising a Chinese thread book-binding workshop.

The main gate of China Town, London

However, the only actual celebration of the event spanned two days, from January 27 to 29, where the Chinese New year celebrations were held at the Victoria Centre.

Chinatown, the name given to a street or area with heavy Chinese influence, is a site dotted about many cities, from London to Newcastle, stretching as far as the United States and Australia.

The main identifier of a Chinatown is its gate, an archway that seemingly divides the rest of the city from this segmented area and is a vibrant signal of the region.

The area saw an influx of visitors, as would every other Chinese-related location, as it was the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Over 4,000 Chinese people reside in Nottingham, according to the 2021 census, and yet the strongest existence of a Chinatown in the city of Nottingham is a restaurant named China Town, based in Carlton.

AUDIO: Jasmine Boyes discusses celebrating Chinese New Year

Jasmine Boyes, a Chinese resident in Nottingham, pointed out how the celebrations differ from how they are played out in China, mainly focussing on how “there isn’t a lot of family here to celebrate with”.

The date was recognised by Google, earning a doodle on January 22, designed to highlight the year of the rabbit, and the Lunar New Year.

AUDIO: Jasmine Boyes explains her take on Chinese New Year’s global reach