Kamal Food Store: Beechdale Road

Kamal Food Store is one of many small businesses fighting to stay afloat in the current economic climate.

The cost of living crisis is affecting people and businesses up and down the country, forcing many to close.

As of September 2022, inflation rates in the UK sit at around 10% (Source: Office for National Statistics) compared to just 3.1% at this time last year.

Britain is seeing skyrocketing energy bills along with a gas shortage due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The country’s dependence on gas for heating and electricity has put it in a bad position financially which has had a knock-on impact on households and businesses.

Along with this, prices of groceries and everyday items have soared in price with some supermarkets even placing security tags on butter due to the value of such produce.

Kamal Food Store is a Nottingham based independent supermarket which has been serving the public for almost a decade.

The shop offers a variety of international produce including exotic fruit and obscure herbs and spices, along with fresh Halal meat.

“Keep the business as profitable as we can as well as keeping customer satisfaction high”

                                          Mohsin Kamal, Store Manager

Along with other small businesses, the supermarket has been financially impacted by the current cost of living crisis and have seen their bills steeply increase.

However, its owners are determined to keep prices down and find the right balance between profits and customer satisfaction.

Mohsin Kamal speaks about the businesses’ aims amid cost of living crisis

One of the reasons businesses like Kamal’s are facing this dilemma is the ballooning rate of inflation.

Inflation rates are measured by how much regular items, such as milk, cost compared to a previous time period.

The Bank of England has this month increased interest rates to 3.5%, which is the ninth consecutive increase, in an attempt to stop inflation.