Charity organiser, Mandy Bird, collects proud donations.

Lined up at Nottingham Forest Recreation Ground, 72 motorbikes covered in tinsel and all things shiny is where you’ll find the Blood Bikes, Collecting toy donations to help spread some holiday cheer down at the Children ward at Kings Mill hospital, Mansfield.

The annual Christmas Toy run collects new toys and games for all genders, from newborns to sixteen year olds, including teddies, soft toys, action figures, cars, dolls, play-sets, board games and puzzles.

“Nobody deserves such an awful thing, she’s a little warrior who gives the best cuddles”

 -Mark Spindley, Blood Bike volunteer

A volunteer since 2021, Mark is trying to help raise awareness of a life changing disease after finding out about a little girl named Olivia and her story. He organised a special bike ride that would bring some joy and light in a time of need.

At 16-months-old, Olivia suddenly became unable to walk, after tests and MRI scans, her family was given devastating news that she had a brain tumour caused by a rare strand of brain cancer called Ependymoma.

After years of fighting the horrible disease, Olivia’s family was informed that there was no more treatment and the hospital could do no more.

SantaBike had visited Olivia once before, so this time it was the Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes who took it into their hands to organise a display of Christmas decorated motorbikes to help make this awful time slightly more bearable for her and her family.

The Toy Run attracts supporters from all over the city. Mitch and David cheer the bikers on whilst donating Lego for the kids to enjoy.

These tough guys give up their free time transporting blood products, medical files, patient samples, frozen breast milk for premature babies as well as many other services free of charge for the NHS.

The UK charity in fact save the NHS thousands of pounds in transport costs, so more money can be spent on rent line services and patient care.

One hundred percent of donations received goes towards the charity, nobody is paid and for every £1 received the Blood Bikes are able to save £5 in transport costs.

There aim is to expand there services to cover every NHS facility in Nottinghamshire 24hrs a day 7 days a week. If you would like to give something back to your community and have some spare time then getting involved would be appreciated.

The volunteers and supporters have taken part in various challenges to raise funds, fortunate enough to receive donations from companies and organisations such as Morrisons, BP, Firelli, Hastings Direct and more.