Volunteers in Bulwell have taken it upon themselves to clean up the streets after getting sick of seeing their beloved town covered in litter.

Tonii Robinson (25) and her five-year-old son began hosting litter picking events through their Facebook group The little litter pickers of Nottingham, attracting the residents and councillors around Bulwell during the lockdown, after being inspired by Sir David Attenborough.

“Me and my son are big fans of Sir David Attenborough especially our The Blue Planet,” said Tonni.

“He has a list of things which people can do to help the environment and litter picking is one of them so that’s what we chose,” she added.

Inspired by Tonni’s efforts, 1,000 volunteers have now signed up to Nottingham Clean Champions, a city council litter picking scheme.

As a result, Tonni has received positive feedback from the community of Bulwell and Nottingham.

Tonii Robinson talks about the praise she has received.

Litter picking events take place every 3rd Saturday of the month attracting around 10 to 15 volunteers.

“It isn’t only about picking up litter for a lot of these volunteers.

“For many it’s a chance to meet up with like minded people and socialise with each other over a common goal,” said Tonni.

As well as litter picking, the group also holds conservation events.

In a recent event Tonii and her friend took it upon themselves to cut away overgrown brambles and debris which revealed a big circular bench that had been forgotten about next to the Bulwell tram stop.

Tonii Robinson talking about the conservation events she organises.

The bench is now used by councillors for meetings as well as the public.

“I think that these community litter picking events in Bulwell have been amazing”.

Sarah Dean, student

Sarah Dean, a student who lives in Bulwell, is very appreciative of Tonii and her volunteers’ efforts.

“I think that these community litter picking events in Bulwell have been amazing,” said Sarah.

She added,”Our environment is unfortunately cluttered with litter which has a negative affect on the wildlife and the way people view the outdoors, so any opportunity to clean up our city is amazing, and I hope this community continues to grow as more people become aware of the environmental impact.”

A picture of the rubbish collected during one day of litter picking.

Despite their good work Tonii and her group often have to deal with abuse in the form of people purposely dropping more litter in front of them or hecklers thinking they are  criminals carrying out community service.

“I won’t let a few bad apples spoil the good work this amazing community group does,” said Tonii.

More than two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day

Almost 48% of people admit to dropping litter

the amount of litter dropped in the UK each year has increased 500% since the 1960s

Cleaning up litter off the street costs the taxpayer £500 million