Staff outside the Old Volunteer pub, Caythorpe Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire’s The Old Volunteer pub in Caythorpe has donated £45,389.06 to the Ukrainian Red Cross, including the staff’s personal tips.

The village pub and restaurant raised the money in just one week to support The Ukrainian Red Cross who are helping Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

The Ukrainian Red Cross are a charity working to provide water, shelter, first aid and deliver services to bring families together who have been separated and help those fleeing Ukraine.

Francesca Hotchkiss, the restaurant manager of The Old Volunteer, said that it all started after creating a Ukraine flag themed cocktail.

Every penny made from orders of the cocktail was donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross but Francesca said that the team at the pub realised that “this is just a drop in a ocean” and so began to think of more ways to help.

“It was a no brainer”
Francesca Hotchkiss, The Old Volunteer restaurant manager

Despite the hit Coronavirus had on the hospitality industry and the rise in living prices, everyone working at The Old Volunteer was incredibly supportive of the idea of donating the pub’s earnings alongside the staff’s own earnings to the cause.

Francesca said: “We couldn’t imagine swapping places with those people still stuck in Ukraine so to us, it was a no brainer” and “that 100% every penny counts.”

“Every single member of staff from the head chefs to the kitchen porters to the part-time waiting staff and the management donated all their personal tips to the fund.”

The pub’s customers were also huge contributors to the money raised for The Ukrainian Red Cross. One customer even contributed £1000 to The Old Volunteer’s donation.

How will your money help support Ukraine?

By donating to The Ukrainian Red Cross, it will help those affected receive:

  • water
  • food
  • first aid
  • medicines
  • warm clothes
  • shelter

Francesca said that when the customers became aware that their money was going towards Ukraine, they started ordering more.

Francesca Hotchkiss, restaurant manager, explaining customers’ support to Ukraine

The Old Volunteer posted on Facebook to thank those who helped. “Thank you to everyone that came down and contributed, together we will make a difference. Love team Old Vol”

So far The Ukrainian Red Cross has helped more than 750,000 people since the conflict started, they have distributed essential aid, blankets, food hygiene parcels and warm clothes.

The charity is also offering refugees arriving in the UK from Ukraine to provide compassionate support, information, food, clothes and blankets.