NET Trams in Nottingham which are fully electric.

Nottingham has set a goal to become the first carbon neutral city in the UK and second in Europe by 2028.

The ambitious goal to become carbon neutral has been set by Nottingham City Council with a bid to be the second city in Europe after Copenhagen by 2028.

Nottingham has already put in a lot of effort in to reduce their carbon emissions with the likes of the tram network which has helped cut down on the use of cars and therefore CO2 emissions. Currently they have reduced CO2 by 52% and have just below six years to increase that.

“we’ve got the opportunity to acheive something quite significant for the city” – Wayne Bexton.

The main plan to reach the goal is to reduce carbon emission from transport, the built environment, energy generation, waste and water and consumption. Nottingham city council, with the help of Nottingham BID which is the Nottingham city alliance, are encouraging local businesses to jump on board.

Nottingham City Council itself only accounts for three percent of the city’s carbon emissions and is working to reduce this yet further. Currently 45% of its fleet are fully electric vehicles with a goal to increase this to aid carbon reduction.

Carbon Neutral Nottingham has currently been running for a year and posted its progress on social media:

Wayne Bexton, Director of Carbon Reduction, Energy and Sustainability for Nottingham City Council believes the goal is well within the city’s grasp:


There has been a constant reminder of climate change within the media and many activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion have become very outspoken and protested for change.

The country has seen the likes of congestion charge zones in London and Birmingham along with the ban of new diesel and petrol cars by 2030, all at an aim to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and help combat global warming.

While the council is confident that Nottingham will hit its 2028 goal, some are not too convinced. Climate change activist Monica Pallis believes Nottingham will fall short of the finish line:

With less than six years to go until the 2028 deadline Nottingham must push forward to achieve Carbon Neutral status.

All information regarding Carbon Neutral Nottingham can be found on their website with updates on the city’s progress.