Wilko members of staff in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire fear they might not have a choice but to go into work even if they test positive for Covid.

A leaked memo on social media states that people who test positive for Covid and still feel well enough should go into work.

If they do not feel well, they should follow the absence guidance, which does not include sick pay.

  • Wilko have encouraged their staff to come in if they feel fine even if they have covid
  • Positive tests are on a rise within the UK
  • Although self-isolation is not legally required, people are told to do what they believe to be the right thing

Members of staff were not happy about the memo. Brenda Wagstaff, an employee at Wilko in Ilkeston, said they had no other choice but to go to work because they needed the money.

She said that working in an environment that requires you to be around so many people every day does not help the Covid situation.

Audio: Brenda Wagstaff expresses her fears about working on the tills

The Wilko Covid guidelines which were shared on Twitter show that if you feel well enough you should come into work.

A lot of the public also expressed their concerns and how they might contract the virus if they choose to go to Wilko,  especially if they lived with someone who was vulnerable.

Clara Phillips who posted the guide on Twitter said: “We have clinically vulnerable family members in our household, as do many workers. We are utterly dismayed by this callous interpretation of the current guidelines.”

Other members of staff have said Wilko is doing the opposite of what Derbyshire county council is doing; the council is paying for workers to self-isolate for the required five days until they test negative.

Audio: Mark Price who works at Wilko on Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham expresses his concerns

People in England are no longer required to legally self-isolate if they test positive for Covid-19, which means you can go to work even if you have the virus.

Guidance until 1 April is that you should self-isolate and work from home if you are able to do so. If you cannot, you should take it up with your employer.

Many people are scared due to the cost of living crisis which puts them on edge that missing a day’s work could be detrimental to their financial situation.

Wilko has since apologised for the guidelines they put in place, and those with Covid will be allowed to self-isolate if necessary.

“When we get something wrong, we hold our hands up, admit it and work to correct the situation,” the firm has said.