Cathedral of St Barnabas - Roman Catholic Church, Nottingham

Since the beginning of Lent many Christians in Nottingham, across the country and the globe have given up a habit, food or hobby.

Catholics aged 14 and up are known for giving up meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and every other Friday for Lent.

Other people are considering whether they should also try to give up a habit for Lent such as abstaining from meat.

In 2022, around 14% of British adults currently follow a meat-free diet. This equates to around 7.2 million people. This is broken down into 6% vegetarian, 5% pescatarian and 3% vegan.

  • Younger generations are more likely to follow a plant-based diet:
  • Generation Z are the most meat-free generation
  • 25% of Gen Z are currently following a meat-free diet
  • 30% of Gen Z are planning to go meat free in 2022

This survey was conducted by Finder.

Shannon Eyre is a Nottingham resident and has been vegan for around seven years. She believes there are more vegan options and that now is one of the easiest times to do it. But she says giving up meat and trying a plant-based diet is a personal choice.

Audio: Shannon Eyre urges people to try a plant-based diet

Plant-based diets such as veganism and vegetarianism are quickly on the rise, with 7.2 million adult Brits now conforming to this new diet. In 2020, 470,000 people gave up meat and in 2021, 150,000 people also took the plunge into the world of plant-based eating.

If you are considering following a plant-based diet for the remainder of Lent or are interested in trying vegan food, Nottingham has many options for catching a quick bite or getting your hands on some plant-based produce.

One business in particular which specialises in vegan food in the city is No Homers Irish Vegan Deli. This independent deli was set up in 2019 and opened their store and café in 2021, selling hot and cold food as well as vegan deli meats.

Huw Longman owns the vegan deli in the heat of the city and believes that giving up meat is a challenge but it is easier than ever to give it a try.

Huw Longman – Owner of No Homers Deli in Nottingham

Whether you decide to give up meat or just have a go at trying plant-based options, Nottingham is definitely the place for trying meat alternatives and getting into the world of plant-based eating due to its wide range of plant-based eateries.