Four hundred homes are set to be built on this land in Warsop, near Mansfield

Planning permission to build 400 homes on Stonebridge Lane in Warsop, Mansfield has been approved.

The new housing estate, which will be built by Barratt Homes and David Wilson, will feature a mix of properties, ranging from single-bed flats to five-bedroom houses.

But it is believed that they will bring a further 800 people to the town, leading some to worry that schools, surgeries and roads will become too crowded.

Currently, Warsop only has three small food shops, one pharmacy and one petrol station and many residents believe that improvements must be made for the increased population to cope.

“We don’t have the infrastructure to cope with such a large development”
Debra Barlow, Councillor for Market warsop

Residents are also worried that construction of the estate will have an impact on surrounding natural areas, including The Carrs nature reserve and Hills and Holes Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Since the estate will be located next to the River Meden, some fear that construction of the new homes will lead to flooding in the area.

Debra Barlow, the local councillor for Market Warsop, has announced that she is disappointed that planning permission for the estate has been granted.

Councillor Barlow said she was concerned that “the development will impinge on wildlife and people”.

“We don’t have the infrastructure to cope with such a large development.”

Development Site
Four hundred homes will be built on this land, described by some as a “riverside idyll” (image: Debra Barlow)

However, some locals support the new homes. The owner of a carpeting store in the town who did not want to give his name hopes that they will bring more  opportunity to the area.

He said: “Hopefully it will bring more people into Warsop which is better for the local shops and the community.

“It may then, hopefully, move the local council to bring a big supermarket into Warsop which is what we’ve been desperate for.”

Currently the nearest supermarket to Warsop is located 3.6 miles out of the town, meaning many residents have to rely on public transport to access everyday goods.

A Warsop store owner talks about the potential the new housing estate could bring

With a further 800 people living in the town, it is likely that larger stores, including a supermarket, would open in the small town.

However, with expectations of infrastructure-related issues within and surrounding Warsop occurring as soon as construction begins, many locals are yet to be convinced that the new estate is beneficial.