Families are supported with FOOD club

Nottinghamshire families are being given the chance to buy high-quality food at a low cost and reduce food waste.

Run by national charity Family Action, Food On Our Doorstep (FOOD) clubs provide families in local areas with a £15 box of food for £3.50.

“The FOOD club is really important because fresh food is vital for a healthy family,” Francesca Hartley, a volunteer of the FOOD club, said.

“Not everyone can access fresh food, and FOOD clubs offer that with a balanced meal at reasonable costs.”

Fresh fruit is sold at low cost

In 2021, FOOD Clubs helped Nottinghamshire families to save £150,000 on their food shopping. They pay a membership fee of £1. Over 1600 families have been members of the club.

“With all prices rising, with heating, I thought it will be a good way to help,” said Emma Bonds, one of the families who has benefited from the FOOD Club.

“We have allergy, and then they do cater for allergy, if we can get especially free-from food, why not!”

Video: Emma Bonds who just joined the FOOD club shared about her need to save the cost of living

There are now 19 FOOD clubs across Nottinghamshire to help people with living costs in the local areas. Families must be living within 15 minutes to a local FOOD club to become a member.

All the clubs are funded through a grant from Nottinghamshire County Council’s childhood obesity trailblazer programme as well as a fund by the borough and district councils.

Video: how the Food Club benefits local families