The Student Union bar at Nottingham Trent

Nottingham has been placed sixth in an analysis on the most expensive cities for a night out in the UK, despite being heavily populated by university students.

In the study conducted by vaping company IndeJuice, Nottingham totalled an average night out cost of £33.01. These rankings were based on the price of a pint of beer, a cocktail, taxi fare and a fast-food meal.

London topped the table with an average of £49.66, whilst the only other cities to place higher than Nottingham were Oxford, Brighton, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

But university students in Nottingham have expressed their surprise over Nottingham’s controversial position in this top 10.

  • The average price for a pint of beer in Nottingham is £3.99, whilst the average cocktail is £8
  • However, many clubs and bars host student nights where the price of alcohol is substantially cheaper
  • Discounted student nights often fall on a weekday, when others are in the middle of a working week
  • Many clubs advertise £1 drinks on these days, such as NG-One’s “SKINT Tuesdays”, whilst Rock City offer 2-4-1 drinks on “Tuned Thursdays”.
  • University Students’ Unions are often the cheapest places to buy alcohol

One Nottingham Trent student and regular club-goer, Ana Gamboa, said: “A night out in Nottingham is much cheaper than back at home in Bristol, for me anyway. That’s probably because I have the opportunity to go to student-only nights.”

Club and bar workers were also shocked by the study and have explained what they do in order to provide an affordable night out for students.

A member of bar staff at Unit 13, Leon Tidy, added: “We host ‘Dirty Mondays’ which is an exclusively student night where drinks are much cheaper, and we’re not the only club who does things like this. So I don’t think the rankings necessarily represent how it is for students, which is a big part of this city.”

Nottingham Trent’s Students’ Union bar, The Loft, offers drinks at a discounted price during the week. The Student Union club, The Level, also has lower prices than other clubs on Saturday nights.

The bar at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union

It is not just the cheaper cost of alcohol which makes the average price of a night out less for students.

Nottingham city centre is heavily dominated by the student population, who often do not have to get a taxi home after a night out due to the vast selection of walking distance accommodations.

Many fast-food chains in Nottingham also advertise student promotions and offer discounts to customers with a student ID.