Kieran Neilson, Heather McGrory and Rebeena Kausser

Nine members of a Nottingham gang have been sentenced to a total of 76 years and nine months in prison for selling class A and B drugs to students in the city.

Three of the gang, Kieran Neilson, Heather McGrory and Rebeena Kausser, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs. They were sentenced to a combined total of 19 years in prison after appearing at Nottingham Crown Court. Some of the drugs they were selling included MDMA, cocaine, ketamine and cannabis.

Members of the group came to the police’s attention after bragging about designer jewellery and clothing. Detectives then uncovered and used WhatsApp conversations from 2018.

Surveillance on the group started in 2019 when police witnessed drug deals and found large amounts of cocaine, MDMA and cannabis in some of their households. The investigation was complex for detectives but clearly worked on well.

All members have been sentenced the following times in prison:

Keiran Neilson, 22: eight years.

Heather McGrory, 27: five years.

Rabeena Kausser, 34: six years.

Jamil Amin, 31: 17 years.

Shakeel Amin, 29: 12 years and nine months.

Shamus Gulfraz, 28: four years.

Saad Essa, 24: nine years.

Zain Mushtaq, 22: six months.

Ben Jones, 26: six months.

“A Warning to anyone involved in drug dealing”

– Detective Constable steven fenyn

Detective Constable Steven Fenyn, from Nottinghamshire Police, stated that “the group, who are mostly in their 20s themselves, had a huge influence on the young people they were targeting. They were dealing a wide range of dangerous drugs and it is abhorrent how they used this to benefit their criminality.”

He added he was giving a “warning to anyone involved in drug dealing. Nottinghamshire Police is absolutely determined to crack down on this type of activity and join forces with different teams to carry out the necessary observations, action and enforcement to ensure illegal drugs are taken off Nottinghamshire’s streets.”