Recycled fashion, Nottingham

Nottingham leads the way in slowing down fast fashion as vintage stores and charity shops dominate the high street.

Over recent years, Nottingham has had the largest rise of fashion start-ups and is becoming the budding fashion capital of the UK.

According to student website, My Student Halls, Nottingham has the most thrift shops in England, just behind London, resulting in more conscious fashion choices being made around the city.


The Thrift Store in Nottingham has recently opened on Pelham Street and is owned by N16 Vintage, a wholesalers that supplies clothes to companies like Urban Outfitters and Asos.

“Students are where the change lies in fashion”

Gemma, Sales Assistant

Gemma, a sales assistant, who has worked at the store since it opened last month said, “Everything we do is based around sustainability, it’s the most important thing we stand for.”

The business has been going from strength to strength and Gemma thinks it’s all down to students and their passion to make more conscious fashion choices.

Gemma, sales assistant, speaks about the youth leading fashion change

The store has plans to follow in the footsteps of other successful second hand shops in Nottingham like Cow and Braderie by having an in-house sower.

Gemma said, “I hope this will inspire people to put their own imprint on clothes and have fun with fashion but with things they already have rather then having to waste material.”

“People are more aware of the impact making clothes has on the planet”

Kerry, Store Manager 

White Rose Recycled Fashion was established as a social enterprise in 2009 by two Nottingham Trent University graduates. The shop supports The Aegis Trust, which is a charity that prevents crimes against humanity.

Nottingham is now filled with seven White Rose stores and their main priority is to make as much money for the charity as possible by investing in more clothing banks to open stores all across the UK.

Kerry, who is the store manager at White Rose WR6 in Market Square, described thrifting as a new way of shopping and believes the stigma of second hand stores has changed.

Kerry, Store manager, describes the change in attitude toward thrift shopping

Nottingham shoppers seem just as enthusiastic about the conscious fashion movement as Kerry and Gemma.

Other Sustainable fashion shops in Nottingham City Centre:

  • Baklash Clothing
  • Braderie
  • Celia’s Vintage Clothing
  • Cow
  • Hopkinson
  • Relic Vintage
  • Vintage Reclaimed
  • Wild Clothing