All remaining Covid-19 restrictions, including the legal requirement to self isolate, are likely to end later this month.

The government are planning to unveil the next stage of their ‘living with Covid-19’ plan on the 21st of February.

It is understood that free Lateral Flow tests will also be scrapped.

There are currently around 70,000 positive Covid-19 cases throughout Nottinghamshire and hospital admissions continue to fall.

But many healthcare professionals believe it is too soon to be dropping all restrictions, especially for those classed a clinically extremely vulnerable.

Stacy Wood from Canning Pharmacy in Nottingham believes scrapping Covid isolation ending will have an impact on the pharmacy and healthcare sector as a whole.


More than 300 senior staff surveyed by the NHS Confederation have strongly disagreed with the plan to end free testing for the public as this was seen an essential part of limiting the spread and saving lives.

But Hassan Mohammed also from Canning Pharmacy says it is time to open up and give patients with other diseases more attention.


Lisa Evans thinks that even though there are a substantial amount of people vaccinated especially with their boosters, she still has concerns.

“I think it is too far to say that Covid testing should end and people should just sit through Covid while it is such a hard core disease,” she said.

I’m afraid to end these restrictions early as i don’t see a green light to end such restrictions early”

Omar Ibrahim also from Nottinghamshire feels differently saying we should now learn to live with Covid.


The current restrictions were due to end 24th March, but the government have signalled they may be dropped sooner if the data “remains positive”.