Developers have submitted an application to Nottingham City Council for at least 300 rooms for students including a gym, pool and movie room.

Jensco have submitted a pre-application to the council to start the student housing project.

However, some local residents are concerned about the new plans, with issues about the impact its height will have on Nottingham’s skyline. Others say that the problem is due to the increased numbers of students in the city.

Nottingham resident for over 40 years, Ann Young, feels that the students are the problem and they are taking over the city.

Audio: Ann Young talks about how students are taking over the city

University of Nottingham statistics show that there are upwards of 25,000 students in the area and the number is constantly going up.

Due to this increase, more and more housing is being required. The city already has the second highest proportion of student accommodation in the country. Many students feel that options are limited and prices to rent in the city cost at least £150 per week.

Former Nottingham Trent student, Lydia Wilkins says that “there weren’t many that were affordable to me in Nottingham”, leaving her to rent a place in Derby.

Jensco managing director John Taylor expects the completion date to be around 2023, with the demolition of the derelict buildings already underway.