West Bridgford will hold the title of UK’s largest Poundland until  Teesside Park will swoop in and steal the title.

Just days after the opening of the Nottingham Poundland superstore, it was announced that a newer, bigger and better shop would be opening in Teeside Park in Stockton-on-Tees. The aim of the larger store is to become more appealing to more leading brands and there will be a small range of domestic appliances available such as Russell Hobbs.

Poundland launched their first store in the Octagon Centre, Burton-Upon-Trent in 1990.

Their aim is to give a range of more than 3,000 items representing “amazing value for money”

The 15,000 square feet shop – which is equivalent to seven tennis courts – will employ 75 full and part-time members of staff, which is more than any other Poundland store in the country.

Poundland Nottingham

Retail research expert Professor Joshua Bamfield from The Centre for Retail Research believes that “the giant Poundland stores are really a different beast, with something for anyone whatever their need to buy.

“For some reason there are not all that many Poundland shops in Nottingham so the Riverside version won’t cannibalise otherwise successful Poundland stores.”

However, Professor Bamfield says all is not lost with losing the title as “I am also sure that Nottingham does not want its upmarket retail offer to be known for ‘the biggest Poundland in Europe’ however much Nottingham customers like shopping there.”

The new Poundland at Teesside Park in Stockton-on-Tees will open at 8am on 26 February and at 19,000 square feet will be over three times the size of an average 6,000 sq ft Poundland store.