Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth (Getty Images)

Nottingham Forest have made a formal complaint to the English Football League after their game in Bournemouth was postponed four-and-a-half hours before kick-off due to damage to the stadium.

The match was set to start at 8:30pm on 18 February. However, Bournemouth’s safety advisory group recommended the postponement ever though many Forest fans had already travelled over three hours for the game.

Storm Eunice caused a lot of damage to the Vitality Stadium including the roof of the main stand and debris was loose around the stadium.

Bournemouth’s Safety Advisory Group (SAG) released a written report on the damages and expressed their concerns about the match going ahead.

  • Many fans were disappointed and angered about the late postponement, having already travelled so far to see the game.
  • Forest fans claimed the Bournemouth SAG did not think about the repercussion of their actions
  • visiting supporters said the EFL should have allowed for an earlier postponement, given the weather warnings and a serious storm.

Bournemouth’s SAG suggested the match be postponed on the Thursday, before the storm. However EFL rules do not allow for matches postponed due to a weather forecast.

A request was denied after it was suggested that the match be played on the Saturday at 2pm, but it was refused by the SAG.

Forest say that the reason for cancelling came at an advantage to Bournemouth who were significantly depleted, with a number of their team injured.