Since its closure in 2006, the Bishop Street Stand has been at the centre of fan attention, with many hopeful about its redevelopment and reopening.

Mansfield District Council signed off on the renovation in 2002, however, the club have not done anything about it since.

But at a Fans Forum event on Wednesday evening the topic was back on the table.

The forum was held in the club’s 1891 suite with manager Nigel Clough and CEO David Sharpe answering questions from the Mansfield Town fanbase.

Many of the supporters on the night asked about the redevelopment of the Bishop Street Stand as it is not being used and could potentially house the away fans.

David Sharpe was in agreement with the supporters and knows that the stand is “not pretty to look at”.

“I’m in agreeance as I do not like looking at the Bishop Street Stand and it is not nice at all.

“When you look at the stadium from there [Bishop Street Stand], the stadium is awesome with the three sides but it is just that side which is a real eyesore.

VIDEO: David Sharpe, Mansfield Town CEO.

The Chief Executive Officer is mindful that any renovations will take time and money to get sorted.

“It won’t be an overnight thing. It will be a project that will likely take 18 months to two years to complete.

“It is something that needs to be done but these things need money and time to get done.”

david sharpe, Mansfield Town ceo

Fans were on the same page saying that even though the stand would not be done anytime soon, it would be nice to see the stadium have four stands once more.

“It is fine as it is at the moment, but if it was to be renovated, putting the away fans in that stand would be one solution,” said Craig.

“You look at the fixture list and when you see Forest Green Rovers away from home, you are not thrilled to go there due to the usual wet and windy conditions and that is something similar that needs to be done at Mansfield Town.”

AUDIO: Stags supporters have their say on the closed Bishop Street Stand.

“I’ve been lucky enough to actually sit in the Bishop Street Stand,” said Clive.

“Currently, it is unusable and eyesore. It is an embarrassment to a club that is going forward in other areas and there is no real incentive in getting it open at this current time.”

A renovation of the Bishop Street Stand would complete what is the oldest ground in the Football League.

And with Mansfield Town flirting with the promotion places in League Two, moving up a division could force a decision on whether or not that work can begin.