A night out in Nottingham that has everything that people are used to plus something they may not be – drawing.

Rough Trade is hosting ‘Drink and Draw’ events each month offering art therapy as a way for people to switch off on a night out.

Lucy Hepke, who runs the event originally set up by Anna Manfield in 2016, thinks the creative session gives Nottingham residents a calming alternative.

“If you’re like a more introverted person it can be quite intense to go out and find events you can go to alone or find events you can go to and mingle.

“Your hands are occupied and you have a reason or purpose to be in that space, and drawing is fun,” she said.

People who attended the most recent event feel like their mental health was boosted from drawing in the social setting and enjoyed being at the event.

Jacob Kelly who has Bipolar Disorder, says drawing helps him keep balance.

“If I’m in a low I don’t get my pens out but when I do, it helps me I think. It makes me feel better about myself,” he said.

Rough Trade. Credit Meg Atkinson

Another drawer at the event, Emily Houghton, says she doesn’t feel judged in this type of environment.

“You get to just draw whatever you want and know that everyone else is doing the same thing.

“There’s no pressure for it to be good or it to be put anywhere or anyone else to see it. It’s just for you,” she said.

The event happens once a month starting at 7pm and finishing at 11pm.

See Rough Trade for more details.