KIEV, UKRAINE - (Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Ukrainian nationals who live in Nottingham say they are very concerned about family and friends still living in Ukraine.

In the latest update Russian president Vladimir Putin has expressed his ‘concerns’ regarding the situation, which has gained global attention and claims he will ‘partially withdraw’ troops in a bid to de-escalate the tensions surrounding the border.

But this has done little to settle the nerves of Ukrainians living in Nottingham.

John Schumskij, is a former solider in the 1st Queens Dragoon Guards who is currently living in Nottingham.

He runs a Ukrainian Youth Association just outside of the city.

He says he is really concerned about his family and friends back home in Ukraine.

Schumskij says he has been keeping in touch with the people he knows in Ukraine and is hopeful that this whole scenario will be settled before any sort of “blood bath” occurs.

“Russia will make any excuse to try and attack.”

“It’s a very critical time for the world.”

“Ukraine is the bread basket of Europe, so there will be a big impact on the rest of Europe if this isn’t resolved.”

A small group of Ukrainian activists protested in King Street on Wednesday evening to help increase awareness on what is happening on the Ukraine-Russian border.

One of the group, Olena Berezhna told the Nottighamshire Post that the situation in Ukraine right now is ‘very scary’ for those living there.

“Ukraine is bleeding and suffering because of one man – Putin”.

Past tensions

An estimated 10,000+ people have thought to have died because of violence between the two countries since the initial war in 2014.

NATO have released a statement within the last 24 hours saying: “We stand ready to engage and strongly encourage Russia to reciprocate and to choose diplomacy and de-escalation”.

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