Random Act of Kindness Day

Kind gestures both big and small were made across the country.

It seems that nearly every day has a new topic to be celebrating but the 17th February is quite the thoughtful one.

“Random Act of Kindness Day” encourages people to make kind gestures as a way of brightening up other people’s lives.

It seems that since the past few years with limited social interactions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this day is more important than ever.

The awareness day has been around since 1995, after being created by Random Act of Kindness Foundation, also known as RAK.

RAK work under the ethos that “kindness should the norm”.

They say that “all people can connect through kindness and that kindness can be taught”.

The foundation has discovered that spreading kindness increases “serotonin, energy and the love hormone” and can reduce “anxiety, stress and pain”.

“It goes to show that no matter the gesture, big or small, it still brightens people’s day.”

Rebecca Pickard, University student.

Local support

Up and down the country including here in Nottingham, people and businesses got involved to raise awareness and spread positivity.

Harry Ward, a local tradesman was having a regular day at work at Byron Carpets when he encountered a customer who needed some extra support.

The elderly woman called Dorothy, who had just lost her husband hadn’t let anyone in her house since the loss.


Harry says: “We made sure we really went the extra mile for her because after having a conversation, we found out she doesn’t have anyone close to her.”

“I even gave her my phone number if she ever needed someone to talk to.”

After fitting the customer’s carpet, Harry was greeted with a handwritten letter from Dorothy.

Letter Harry received from his customer.

Harry mentioned that he “felt proud after receiving the letter” as he “made a positive impact on someone”.

Flowers were the act of kindness student Rebecca Pickard received.

Bouquet of flowers Rebecca received

After not seeing her grandma in over six weeks, Rebecca woke up to a blooming bouquet on her doorstep.

“It was just so unexpected to wake up to them,” says Rebecca.

“It goes to show that no matter the gesture, big or small, it still brightens people’s day.

It even made me be more proactive in how I was with strangers!”

Language Lover

Sheffield based children’s author Caryl Hart got involved for #RandomActofKindessDay by having a giveaway of her upcoming book “Thank you for the little things” on different social platforms.

Caryl explains how originally she wanted to hide books outside and do a treasure hunt, but Mother Nature had other plans!

The meaning behind the book giveaway was to “spread happiness, give someone and boost and be helpful to parents and children alike.”

Supermarket support

Supermarkets were some of the large businesses offering their simple acts of kindness.

Customers found that Morrisons Belper were handing out bunches of daffodils for free.

In addition, all of Asda Cafe’s were giving away 5 hot drinks per store, totalling 1025 free drinks!

Different ways that you can get involved and spread kindness:

  • Text someone to let them know you’re thinking of them
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Start learning a new skill
  • Cook a meal for someone
  • Foster a pet