The function room of Basford Social Club. Credit: Facebook

Members of the Basford community have protested outside Basford Hall Miners Welfare building after it was announced that the club has gone into liquidation.

Members of the club, longstanding customers and locals met to share their frustration at the closure and demand answers.

The closure was announced on January 10th, with a sudden stop to all meetings and events.

A committee has now been set up in hopes to save the club and reopen its doors once again.

‘Soul Night’ – a monthly run event at the club

Some people have been left upset and out of pocket after booking events such as wedding receptions and birthday parties, with no response from the club and no indication of a refund.

Kay Hodgson was due to have her 50th birthday party at the club in the beginning of February, however since the announcement has not heard off the club and lost out on her deposit and hire costs.

She expressed her frustration, explaining she had her 18th and 21st parties at Basford Hall Miners Welfare and various other family parties there over the years.

“To be treated the way we have is appalling”.

The last post on the Facebook page says ‘the club is closed with immediate effect’ and that ‘further details will be given at a later point’.

Event runner at the club, Mal Redman, says the closure has had a big impact on the community.


Mal Redman at the club before its closure.

Redman also said the closure will affect him personally.

“It’s upsetting and all up in the air – luckily I work elsewhere so this was more of a hobby, but it has affected me in respect of I enjoy doing it. I am missing it and want to get back to it”.

Working closely with local MP Alex Norris, the club hopes to be serving the community in the future.