Nottinghamshire buses are visiting fewer stops due to timetable and route changes (Adobe)

Rising COVID cases in Nottinghamshire have caused delays in regular bus routes, creating inconvenience for locals.

Cuts to bus services have left regular travellers disappointed with the increased delays when waiting for public transport. Many passengers have reported disturbances amongst regular bus times, causing disruptions to their daily routine.

Mansfield is one of the areas affected by the changing bus times, with the Trentbarton 141 service being mostly impacted, with most of their services being cancelled or delayed.

Trentbarton’s Twitter account regularly has to inform residents about the delayed or cancelled buses: “Unfortunately we are unable to operate the following services today.

“This is primarily due to a shortage of bus drivers which is impacting the bus industry up and down the country.”

Trent Barton Twitter

The disturbances in services are in correlation with the rising COVID cases in Nottingham, with many bus drivers being absent due to returning positive tests for the virus.

As well as the Trentbarton service, Nottingham City Transport buses have also had their services affected.

It is unclear when this issued may be resolved nor when the timetable will return to normal. However, travellers are encouraged to regularly check updating timetables for any unpredictable changes.

The route for the 141 bus.
The shortage in bus drivers has led to many stops being closed. (Adobe)