Nottingham Scooters
Scooters in Old Market Square

Nottingham’s Link scooters have proved a real hit with residents but there are concerns over the safety of these vehicles.

Nearly 2,100 journeys were made on the scooters in January 2022 compared to January 2021’s 720, according to Superpedestrian, the company that runs the Wind Link E-Scooters.

Nottingham residents covered around 91,475 miles around the city in January 2022 and the company states this has helped residents avoid tens of thousands of short car trips.

The new “industry-leading” scooters replaced the yellow Wind scooters and are said to boost safety among residents.

The new Link scooters are equipped with safety instructions on the front of the handlebars, reminding riders of the rules. These include:

Strong recommendation of a helmet

Obey traffic laws

No riding on pavement

Park responsibly

One rider per scooter

Rider must be 18 +

It was reported in December 2021 by the website Move Electric that within the 12 months that ended in June 2021 in the UK there were 882 accidents involving E-Scooters which resulted in 931 casualties and three fatalities.

Nottingham resident Sam Alsey regularly uses the Link E-Scooters day-to-day. However, he has concerns over the safety of these new vehicles.

Audio: E-scooter user Sam Alsey is worried that there are no helmets with the scooters

Although the new Link scooters do nit have helmets like some of the previous yellow Wind scooters, new technology is set to be introduced within the city which will automatically stop or slow down dangerous or reckless driving such as being ridden on a pavement.

This works using precise location data which can react within real time.

Nottingham city council have stated that the scheme will cost the taxpayer nothing and that the trial has been extended until November 2022.