A Nottingham programme to help single dads become healthy and inspiring father figures is gaining popularity and recognition.

Mutsa Makaka, founder of the programme

Mutsa Makaka, the founder of the Shifting Your Mindset programme, says she started this project from a place of love as she feels the need to uplift members of the BAME community.

“The second fundamental reason why I decided to start this project comes from the fact that I am a mother to two boys and the fact that I am raising men I thought it will be a good foundation to lay out lessons for them, to be able to learn or get inspired by a programme like this as they grow up,” she added.

“There are lot of young people within the juvenile prison system from the BAME (black, Asian, minority ethnicity) community who did not have enough involvement and engagement with their dads.

“Research shows that people who have more engagement and involvement from their fathers are more likely to be more successful and emotionally stable, and more likely to develop and excel in life.”

Currently, Shifting Your Mindset has got 10 participants. Every dad who joins the programme takes the initiative to introduce another dad to the programme.

Mutsa Makaka shares more about her experience as a single mother,and the changes she has noticed in her sons’ behavioural patterns.

“Being a single mother has had a big impact on my boys’ life due to the fact that I have seen my kids’ development emotionally from the time I got divorced. In times when my kids don’t see their dad they become needy and not as emotionally stable as when they have spent a good amount of quality time together.

“I give 150% in my child’s engagement and involvement but there are certain times when my elder does not want to talk to me about certain stuff and wants to talk to his dad or uncle instead. When they have role figures around them in their life there is a sense of emotional security and stability, they feel protected.”

The programme is funded by Small Steps Big Changes and is held at the Vine Community Centre on Bobbers Mill Road on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

Mutsa Makaka hosts a weekly talk show Shifting Your Mindset on the internet station Deeplomatikk Radio every Saturday at 14:00 GMT about fathers and their very personal and inspirational experiences regarding fatherhood.