The new home of Tiger on Lister Gate

Lister Gate has been hit hard by the halt in Broadmarsh Shopping Centre’s redevelopment, but a new community hub is hoping to restart the area.

The demolition of Broadmarsh started in 2019, after promises that a new and exciting shopping and entertainment venue would be built in its place. However, the owners INTU went bust in 2020, seeing the building left half demolished and handed back to Nottingham city council.

The new Tiger Community Enterprise CIC will be moving into the old HSBC bank, which is next to H&M on Lister Gate.

The community centre will consist of a shop, café and activity club which will have retro gaming, yoga and various arts and crafts.

“I think we need community centres but this is in the wrong place.”

Julie, NOTTINGHAM resident

The enterprise was set up to support and assist individuals and organisations to help them grow. They started with a focus on supporting local businesses and community organisations and have evolved to help deliver projects that support their core values.

Nottingham residents Mick and Julie shared their thoughts on the new centre.

Mick said: “When it’s built up, it will be fine but at the moment it’s a bit rundown.”

Julie added: “I think we need community centres but this is in the wrong place.”

Audio: Julie gives her opinion about the new centre

Tiger community centre will open on 1 April.