Lowri Moore (12), from Chilwell, wrote a letter to Disney three years ago asking to see more Disney princesses wearing glasses.

And now, Disney’s latest animated film, Encanto, features one of the main characters wearing spectacles.

The film is about a Columbian girl named Mirabel, who is born into a family where each family member has a special power.

Mirabel from Encanto. Credit: The Walt Disney Company ©

Lowri has been dependent on wearing glasses and as a Disney lover, not seeing a princess wearing them made her question her beauty.

“Am I not a princess? Am I not beautiful? Do I not fit into that category?”
Lowri Moore

A year before Lowri wrote the letter she had mentioned to her mother, that it really wasn’t right that none of the characters in Disney wore glasses.

Lowri said, “I’m the only one in my family who wears glasses.

“I felt that children wearing glasses weren’t represented fairly.

“Am I not a princess? Am I not beautiful? Do I not fit into that category?”

She added, “I didn’t want young boys and girls to feel how I felt.”

Lowri was delighted to be able to talk to Jared Bush, the director of Encanto, on BBC Radio Nottingham after waiting three years for a response.

Mr Bush tweeted that he wanted to contact Lowri to tell her about the new character they were creating but was unable to do so at the time because the film was still under wraps.

Cyrilyn Moore, Lowri’s mother, said, “I think just like every other little girl, she’s always been interested in Disney.

“Normally characters that wear glasses, are stereotyped as geeky and nerdy.”

She added, “Lowri wanted to write to Disney to encourage them to create some positive characters so that young boys and girls would feel beautiful wearing them.”

Cyrilyn said, “She’s so genuine and humble. All she ever wanted to do was make a difference.

“She realised that she is beautiful and her glasses didn’t change that.”

She added, “She was concerned for other little girls and other little boys.”

Lowri has also written her own book, ‘Princess Rose and the Golden Glasses’… This book has been published not only in the UK but in Japan too.

Lowri Moore and Natalie Owen’s book, ‘Princess Rose and the Golden Glasses’. Credit: lowrimoore.com ©

Lowri worked with Natalie Owen, head designer of LeftLion Magazine, to illustrate her story.

Lowri Moore and Natalie Owen, head designer at LeftLion Magazine holding their book, ‘Princess Rose and the Golden Glasses’. Credit: lowrimoore.com ©

On Lowri’s website @lowrimoore.com, she said that she hopes her book helps everyone who reads it, with its message of self-acceptance and true beauty.

Princess Rose and the Golden Glasses gives 30% of its profit to a charity run by Lowri’s parents.

The charity is called ‘Operation Orphan’ and helps orphans across the world access glasses if they need them and also attend eye tests.

Lowri hopes that the donations will give thousands of children the opportunity to see clearly as a result of her letter to Disney.